Why Are There No Good Movies Anymore

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Netflixs content library isnt just getting smaller its also increasingly losing its best movies. A good horror movie usually has a good twist.

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Fury Road Inside Out The Martian The Revenant and Straight Outta Compton outperformed expectations.

Why are there no good movies anymore. The Real Reason They Dont Make Westerns Anymore There have been too many flops. 14 People have No Manners. Awful plot or inconsistent story telling.

There are no good movies anymore On the rare occasion I actually get to go to the movies I cant even find anything I want to watch. Producers can often ivest so much into special effects that they fail to put money into writing or getting good acting. The early 2010s saw a few attempts by Hollywood to strike gold with big-budget Westerns.

But 2015 was a banner if erratic year at the box office and semi-original offerings like Mad Max. I personally think that this generation simply will not be impressed with any new movie no matter how original or how well cast for two reasons. Because Hollywood has failed to recognize something I like to call the Originality Problem.

Why Are There No Good Comedies Anymore. Theres nothing fresh and new about films like Despicable Me 3 Transformers. Movie libraries are extending their reach everywhere Xbox 360 Wii GoogleApple TV etc increasing the average persons exposure to movies and plots.

As previously mentioned movie theaters. He believes the major studios are no longer smart enough and funny enough to make the kind of comedies that were once guaranteed blockbusters such as Paramount Pictures Airplane. Best Romantic Comedies Funny Movies We Love About Love Indiewire – Theres a ton of good tv out there its just not on the networks anymore.

Yes CGI can ruin a film. This has more to do with the concept of territorial license. You can make a low-budget Western but if youre looking for the kind of movie.

That kind of thinking is why Hollywood studio filmmaking as 2010 came to its end was at an all-time lowby which I dont mean that there are fewer really good movies than ever before last. Bad acting or characters And CGI. There is probably quite huge loss of market in the movie industry because movies have to compete with video games with internet and thousands of other forms of entertainment in older days watching a movie was the ultimate form of entertainment thats why the highest earning movie of all time when adjusted for inflation is 1939 gone with the wind there was just.

There are countless reasons for this but to give you an idea. But the 1980s and 1990s was the genres golden era as the likes of rob reiner when. There are the obvious platitudes about the Golden Age of TV and how no one wants to pay for overpriced movie tickets anymore.

The Last Knight or Kong. Some other issues that ruin horror movies are. Trailers reveal to much.

The numbers for 2014 are in and it was a notably bad year for theatersPeople just arent going out to the movies anymore and the number of moviegoers has hit a record low in North America. As a kid going to the movies required no great expense. 15 Reasons Why People Dont Go To The Movies Anymore 15 Movie Prices.

The Streaming Observer did some analysis and found that only 31 movies from the IMDb Top 250. In this video I talk about a possible reason as to why films arent good anymore using some scientific evidence and a lot of creative thinking. I used to have to choose between several movies I wanted to see in the theater and now I have to settle for what sounds like the least awful one.

Heres why you dont like new music any more. He lives in Chicago occasionally writes plays and was a talking head in Best Worst Movie the documentary about Troll 2. Tickets cost 5 or less and the snacks.

Most of the reasons across the question why Netflix does not come with good movies as you can see in your account is due to the licensing option that the streaming service opts for. Movies nowadays are a lot concerned about either making a political statement which is almost never good for fiction. There is probably quite huge loss of market in the movie industry because movies have to compete with video games.

The answer is simple.

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